GOLDEN Staff Participates in "Guess Who" Self Portrait Exhibition & Challenge

January 17, 2012

Paintbrushes are down and all the artwork has been hung, so now it's anybody's guess! Employees at Golden Artist Colors flexed their creative muscles in a company-wide, fun art exercise; the "Guess Who" self-portrait exhibition and challenge. After being provided with all the necessary tools, they were let loose to spend some time pushing around paint, experimenting with materials and being creative! Even those who hadn't painted before were inspired to give it a go.

Christopher Farrell, Creative Director at GOLDEN, spearheaded the project and was pleased with the end results. "We got great participation and everyone that I spoke with had a lot of fun creating their piece. It was yet another opportunity for those making the materials every single day, to actually experience the product in an entirely new way, as an artist."

"What was so exciting about this experiment was that it allowed staff who never painted before to at least touch, in a small way, why artists create," said GOLDEN CEO, Mark Golden. "For many it started as an intimidating situation, but ended in a positive, fun, camaraderie between staff members. Folks felt good about what they were able to accomplish."

The exhibition of self-portraits went up on January 12 and will be on view for the next several weeks at which time, staff will be given the opportunity to identify the artists in the "Guess Who" Challenge.

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GOLDEN Staff Participates in "Guess Who" Self Portrait Exhibition & Challenge