GOLDEN Redesigns Product Labels

April 09, 2009

Who would have thought GOLDEN could improve its renowned hand-painted product labels? Yet, soon customers will see a newly designed product label from Golden Artist Colors, providing customers with more concise, detailed product information, making product selection at retail stores even easier.

"When artists walk into their local retail store to purchase our products, we want our labels to be informative so that they can make better choices about materials," said Product Manager, Dana Rice. "The redesign of the label was one more way for us to provide support to our customers."

Once artists are introduced to the new label, they will notice several significant changes. The product name on the front of the label is larger, making better visibility from a distance possible. The hand-painted color swatch, which the company is so well known for, above the product name, will also be larger. Very early on, the company learned how valuable this hand-painted paint swatch was to artists. They can see and touch the paint, drawing immediate conclusions regarding how the product may perform in their artwork.

Another change artists will notice is the addition of a grid to the label. This new visual will detail key product attributes - transparency, sheen, viscosity and tinting strength. Using a bar to demonstrate the relative levels of these four key elements offer artists a direct point of comparison between colors, giving a greater understanding of the range of working options. This quick reference chart allows them to make choices about the following details:

  • Would the materials work best if they were transparent or opaque?

  • Is the artwork best represented with a gloss or matte sheen?

  • Is the product better suited for thick or thin applications?

  • How strong will this color be in mixtures? How far can it be extended and still maintain its color strength?

The answers are all right there, in an easy to understand, visual format.

GOLDEN has always believed that artists have a right and need to know what chemicals they are working with, so to be able to continue to give them access to that information was important when designing the new label. The changes that have been made on the label reflect the company's commitment to providing the best information possible to artists so that they can make informed decisions regarding their fine art materials. If artists have any material use questions about the information being presented on the label, they can contact our Technical Services Department at 1-800-959-6543.

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