GOLDEN Receives Environmental Investment Program Incentive

April 02, 2007

The Grant Will Allow Golden Artist Colors, Inc. to Continue its Quest to be Green

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. will be able to continue its long-time commitment to minimizing environmental impact through its recent receipt of an Environmental Investment Program Incentive from Empire State Development (ESD). The Empire State Development's Incentive Proposal, which is administered through the Chenango County Industrial Development Agency will help the company proceed with its proposed water-recycling initiative to install a Reverse Osmosis System, which will allow GOLDEN to reuse its wash water.

"Having the ability to recapture this water is something we've been working toward for quite some time," said Director of Environmental Health & Safety and Facilities, Ben Gavett. "This initiative will allow us to greatly reduce withdrawals of groundwater, as well as the volume of waste water removed from the site for treatment. It is an important step in our pursuit of our long-term goals in this area."

"The growth and prosperity of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. in New York State is a top priority for Empire State Development," said Regional Director Robert J. Moppert. "We value the opportunity to encourage this proposed investment and look forward to working with GOLDEN to bring this project to fruition."

GOLDEN currently draws water from two wells on the property to support three main functions: as an ingredient in the manufacture of its professional grade acrylic paint, in the cleaning of equipment and for domestic use. This project focuses on improving the management of the wash water for equipment. Right now equipment is cleaned in wash stations and from there, the water is collected and stored in holding tanks in the wastewater room. Then the wastewater is tested and delivered to the City of Norwich treatment plant for final processing. GOLDEN currently cannot reuse any of this water in its manufacturing process.

The ESD Incentive will allow the company to complete its project to install a Reverse Osmosis System in its facility. Reverse Osmosis will remove dissolved mineral salts, organic molecules and certain other impurities by forcing water under pressure to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. The Reverse Osmosis System removes the smaller solids that are not captured by the filter. The System also contains an ultraviolet contactor system through which an ultraviolet light lamp ozone generator kills most of the bacteria in the water. The project will enable the company to reclaim 75% of the wastewater that is generated during the equipment cleaning process.

"We were very excited when we saw the letter stating that we had been approved by Empire State Development to receive the Program Incentive," said Barbara Schindler, GOLDEN President.  "This is a wonderful opportunity for GOLDEN. In addition to the company experiencing environmental gains as a result of this project, GOLDEN would also see increased value regarding its strategic foundation. The company's three constructs are built on Delighting the Customer, Providing Opportunities and Rewards for Staff, and Increasing Profitability. All three of these company constructs would benefit from savings generated in completing this project."