GOLDEN Participates in Hazardous Waste Collection Days

September 30, 2004

Golden Artist Colors, Inc. recently participated in both Otsego and Chenango County's annual Hazardous Waste Collection Days. Hazardous waste collection days are annual public service events provided by the Otsego County Board of Representatives and Chenango County Department of Public Works. It is a way for residents to dispose of household wastes responsibly, reducing environmental pollution.

Ben Gavett, Director of Environmental, Health & Safety and Facilities at GOLDEN, along with Resource Management Technician, Tim Knapp, participated in the events, along with approximately 15 other dedicated individuals.

Gavett and Knapp, along with volunteers, were responsible for separating latex paints from other types and opening the containers and determining if the paint was salvageable. The usable paint was poured into large drums to be recycled, while unusable paint was discarded properly. Unusable paints include those that were moldy, contaminated, solidified, etc. Most of the unusable paints were the result of repeated freezing and thawing cycles.

Several hundred gallons of latex paint were collected and sorted into drums for redistribution by both counties. Resultant blended colors are white, brown and gray. The paint was be brought back to Golden Artist Colors, Inc. to be reblended, stabilized and poured over into 5-gallon pails for distribution to non-profit organizations throughout the counties.

"We have been assisting both Chenango and Otsego Counties with this event for years," said Gavett. "This is a wonderful opportunity for GOLDEN to help out its local communities and reduce environmental contamination and potential health problems for everyone."

The success of both events can be credited to a large number of volunteers and the efficiency of County Representatives.