GOLDEN Launches New Online Resource- Just Paint Experience!

March 01, 2019

January 9 marked the launch of a new outreach platform to artists, the Just Paint Experience – a new expression of GOLDEN expertise centered on the practical needs and perspectives of artists. Where Just Paint offers scholarly depth and detail, Just Paint Experience (JPE) is more quick-reading, studio-oriented content in a variety of forms, depending on the topic, level of detail, and sophistication. 

Each month in 2019 will begin a new exploration into art materials and applications that stimulates the imagination and expands the knowledge base of artists at every level of experience.  The unifying element for the Just Paint Experience is a two-way dialogue opportunity for more closely connecting to artists.  Content on JPE is available only to subscribers (free) and comments, discussion and feedback are highly encouraged.  Subscribers will be notified when new content becomes available and will also get access to content, product previews, and offers exclusive to JPE. 

January considers the preparation of surfaces for painting and drawing while February will explore grounds and texture. Future content in 2019 will include pouring, printmaking and experimenting with acrylic skins. 

The company encourages artists to visit to subscribe.  The more conversation and interaction artists have through JPE, the more they can help shape the future of this new online platform!         

To learn more about Golden Artist Colors, its three brands (GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR Watercolor) and comprehensive product offerings, please visit, call 800-959-6543 or email to engage with a Material and Application Specialist.

GOLDEN Launches New Online Resource- Just Paint Experience!