GOLDEN Introduces Two New Products, Rounding Out its Varnish Category

March 01, 2019

GOLDEN is introducing two new products in its Varnish product line, expanding the company’s offering and maintaining its leadership position on products and information regarding varnishing.  Varnishing is an important step in creating artwork that will withstand the test of time.  GOLDEN Varnishes offer a removable layer of protection for the underlying surface and allow for ease of cleaning of the painting or object.

GOLDEN’s new Isolation Coat can be applied to acrylic paintings to unify and protect the surface.  Sealing an acrylic painting with an isolation coat prior to varnishing ensures an even application of varnish and provides a layer of protection if / when an artist wants to remove it at a later time.

The new Semi-Gloss Archival Spray Varnish w/UVLS gives artists more choice when it comes to selecting a product to protect their artwork – as it has a sheen halfway between GOLDEN Gloss and Satin spray varnishes currently available.  GOLDEN Archival Spray Varnish w/UVLS is an easy-to-use, removable spray varnish that creates a durable, even film with the same features as GOLDEN brushable MSA Varnish.  An adjustable fan spray tip allows for precise application and reduced overspray.

Be sure to check with your local retail store after February 11 for Isolation Coat and Semi-Gloss Archival Spray Varnish w/UVLS.  Isolation Coat will be available in 8 oz.,​ 16 oz., and 32 oz. sizes.  Semi-Gloss Archival Varnish is available in a 10 oz. spray can.

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GOLDEN Introduces Two New Products, Rounding Out its Varnish Category