GOLDEN Introduces OPEN Acrylics Try Color Set

August 27, 2013

Golden Artist Colors continues to support the success of OPEN Acrylics with a new set, inspirational videos and new merchandising. GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics continue to be adopted by more and more artists who are finding these innovative slow-drying acrylics to be the perfect acrylic for their painting style. OPEN Acrylics are ideal for:

  • Representational art

  • Printing techniques

  • Subtractive techniques

  • Mixing with standard acrylics

To engage even more artists with OPEN Acrylics, GOLDEN is introducing the OPEN Try Color Set, which offers a low cost, impulse buy opportunity to trial OPEN Acrylic Colors. Included in the set are three mixing colors in 22 ml tubes: OPEN Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, OPEN Phthalo Blue / Green Shade and OPEN Quinacridone Magenta. The set is available now, so be sure to ask your local art supply retailer about the OPEN Try Color Set.

For inspiration and to learn more about OPEN Acrylics, go to the GOLDEN YouTube channel. New videos will be released periodically throughout the rest of the year and will include Palette Management and Blending. Videos currently on our site include:

  • OPEN Acrylics (re)Introduction

  • Saving Paint with OPEN Acrylics

  • Monoprinting with GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics Featuring Patti Brady

  • Subtractive Techniques with OPEN Acrylics

  • OPEN Acrylics with Patti Brady

  • Introduction to OPEN Slow-Drying Acrylics

There are also Step-by-Step Lesson Plans on our site that you may be interested in trying!

For more information about OPEN Acrylics and any of our other professional art materials, go to or call Technical Support Services at 1-800-959-6543.

GOLDEN Introduces OPEN Acrylics Try Color Set