GOLDEN Introduces New High Flow Drawing Set

May 01, 2015

New Opportunities for Calligraphers, Graphic Artists & Illustrators

The new High Flow Drawing Set from GOLDEN includes 10 High Flow colors offered as a collection with the calligrapher, graphic artist and illustrator in mind. This new set offers colors typically used for illustration, such as Indigo and Carbon Black, fancy colors for invitations, such as Iridescent Gold and Teal, as well as White and a range of mixing colors that artists can use to mix a whole spectrum of colors.  With this product line, you have 49 high-intensity permanent, water-resistant colors to choose from, including natural earth colors, core colors, and unique Iridescent and Fluorescent colors.  Requiring no dilution, these colors are ideal for artists who are drawing, with the opportunity to use a wide range of tools and techniques. 

GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic colors are an ultra-thin paint with an ink-like consistency. They prove that less viscosity can increase versatility, from mark making to painting — they are thin enough to go directly from the bottle into a dip pen and refillable marker.  So while it acts like an ink, it’s an acrylic and that means the colors will match their counterparts in GOLDEN Heavy Body or Fluid Acrylics and offer the same archival qualities artists demand from professional quality paint.  Colors included in the High Flow Drawing Set are:
•    Iridescent Gold (Fine)
•    Iridescent Copper (Fine)
•    Iridescent Silver (Fine)
•    Carbon Black
•    Titanium White
•    Neutral Gray N5
•    Teal
•    Hansa Yellow Medium
•    Quinacridone Magenta
•    Indigo (Anthraquinone)

The High Flow Drawing Set is accompanied by a pamphlet that provides an introduction to the line and a colorchart of all the colors available in High Flow Acrylics.

To learn more about the endless possibilities with High Flow Acrylics visit our website at  There you will also find short videos explaining attributes of the product line.  Look for the new set at your local art supply store beginning early April 2015.

GOLDEN Introduces New High Flow Drawing Set