GOLDEN Improves Customer Experience with Introduction of New Tube Caps and GRIPR® Tool

March 01, 2019

Golden Artist Colors is invested in helping artists at every stage of their creative journey with quality products, information, and product support.  To improve the user experience of its packaging, GOLDEN is introducing a new tube cap for 2 and 5 oz. GOLDEN Acrylic tubes.  The new deep-cog design is more comfortable to use with a smoother grip that is 35% taller, providing more surface area and leverage.  New caps will begin rolling out in the first half of 2019 and will flow through store shelves as product with existing caps sells through.

The new cap is an improvement in packaging design for customers, but acrylic paints can also act as a glue between caps and tubes when dry, so artists may continue to have difficulty removing even the new caps from time to time.  Additionally, people with diminished manual dexterity or hand strength find the small caps on most paint tubes difficult or even painful to work with.

This is where the new GOLDEN GRIPR® comes in!  This strong and flexible plastic tube opener makes it easy to quickly remove stuck caps.  It works with both new and old 2 and 5 oz. tube cap designs as well as smaller acrylic tubes, Williamsburg Oil tubes, QoR® watercolor tubes, and similarly sized competitive paint tube caps.  The new GRIPR tube cap tool will be available in stores after February 11. â€‹

To learn more about Golden Artist Colors, its three brands (GOLDEN Acrylics, Williamsburg Oils and QoR Watercolor) and comprehensive product offerings, please visit, call 800-959-6543 or email [email protected] to engage with a Material and Application Specialist for any product questions or challenges you might have.

GOLDEN Improves Customer Experience with Introduction of New Tube Caps and GRIPR® Tool