GOLDEN Expands Heavy Body Acrylic Product Offering

January 18, 2010

Golden Artist Colors is expanding its most popular paint line, the Heavy Body Acrylics. Building on the strength of this category, GOLDEN is adding five new colors: Bismuth Vanadate Yellow, Transparent Brown Iron Oxide, Pyrrole Red Dark, Permanent Maroon, and Chromium Oxide Green Dark. Each color offers unique properties, complementing existing colors already in the family.

Bismuth Vanadate Yellow1. Bismuth Vanadate Yellow -- This inorganic pigment has the opacity and lightfastness of a cadmium color, without the typical UV/moisture sensitivity, making it ideal for outdoor use.


Transparent Brown Iron Oxide2. Transparent Brown Iron Oxide -- This color fills a color space between Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber, with a cleaner, redder undertone.


Pyrrole Red Dark3. Pyrrole Red Dark -- Clean, dark and rich, this beautiful organic red pigment fills a color space between Cadmium Red Dark and Cadmium Red Medium. It is a non-toxic, higher chroma alternative to Cadmium Red Dark that can be used in outdoor murals without the UV/moisture sensitivities of a Cadmium color.


Permanent Maroon4. Permanent Maroon -- This color has been on artists' wish lists for quite some time since we stopped production of the beloved Naphthamide Maroon, due to the availability of the pigment in 1997. While Naphthamide Maroon was a single pigment color, Permanent Maroon is a blend. This smokey, reddish violet color dries with a sheen that is between glossy and semi-gloss.


Chromium Oxide Green Dark5. Chromium Oxide Green Dark -- This is a darker, cooler version of Chromium Oxide Green, with very good opacity. It is closer than our regular Chromium Oxide Green to what is sometimes referred to as "European Green".


"Though very comprehensive, our Technical Support Services team continues to receive requests from artists to grow this product offering," said Product Manager, Dana Rice. " We're pleased to be able to respond to artists' requests and offer these colors in the Heavy Body formula."

GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics are noted for their exceptionally smooth, rich, buttery consistency. These paints have the ability to "stand up" and retain brushstrokes or palette knife marks on the canvas. All of these new colors are rated I for Lightfastness, and Excellent for permanency, giving artists the highest quality products possible.

These new Heavy Body Acrylic colors are now available in the following sizes: 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 128 oz. Please note that Permanent Maroon is also available in a 5 oz. tube. Contact your local retailer for availability.

For more information about these new colors, or other products from GOLDEN, go to or call Technical Services Support at 1-800-959-6543.

GOLDEN Expands Heavy Body Acrylic Product Offering