GOLDEN Expands Fluid Acrylic Product Offering

February 17, 2009

Launch Includes Two Historical Colors & Three Color Travel Interference Colors

The versatility of GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics continues to inspire artists everywhere. Building on the strength of this category, GOLDEN introduces five new Fluid Acrylic colors: two Fluid Historical colors and three exciting new Fluid Color Travel Interference colors.

Expanding the Fluid Historical offering, Viridian Green Hue and Van Dyke Brown Hue - two products previously only available in the Heavy Body Historical Hue line - expand the collection of six Fluid Historical colors already in the line. Using contemporary pigments, GOLDEN creates hue combinations of these traditional colors; combining the integrity of the past with today's requirements for quality, lightfastness and safety.

"Since the launch of the Fluid Historical colors in 2006, our Technical Support team continues to receive requests from artists to grow the product offering," said Product Manager, Dana Rice. "We're pleased to be able to respond to artists' requests and offer these colors in the Fluid formula."

In recent years much of the innovation in pigment technology has been driven by the special effect pigment market. The next generation of Fluid Interference colors, Color Travel Interference Colors, shifts dramatically when viewed at different angles, revealing not just one shift, but multiple tones between two points on a spectrum. Color Travel Interference Green-Blue, Green-Orange and Violet-Green have the ability to shift in color cast due to pigment comprised of mica layers with varying degrees of oxide pigment particles. The relationship between the reflectivity of mica and oxide pigments' absorptive properties refract due to changing the return angle of a light source.

Interference Acrylic colors offer artists a range of reflective properties and interplay with light. Because they are relatively transparent, artists have the ability to glaze with unique effects. Artists can also combine Interference colors with small amounts of color to achieve unique color ranges. By adding a very small amount of black to Interference colors, artists can produce deeper, richer, opalescent effects, creating even more opportunities for enhancement of their artwork.

The Fluid Acrylic line extension features the following five colors, which are available now in all six Fluid Acrylic sizes: 1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 128 oz.

  • Fluid Historical Van Dyke Brown Hue

  • Fluid Historical Viridian Green Hue

  • Fluid C.T. Interference Green-Blue

  • Fluid C.T. Interference Green-Orange

  • Fluid C.T. Interference Violet-Green

Fluid C.T. Interference Green-Blue Fluid C.T. Interference Green-Orange Fluid C.T. Interference Violet-Green

GOLDEN Expands Fluid Acrylic Product Offering