GOLDEN Employees Support Local Community with Earth Day Cleanup

April 22, 2005

Today Golden Artist Colors, Inc. employees celebrated Earth Day by volunteering their time to help clean up garbage on the roadsides of Columbus. GOLDEN, a company committed to supporting its local community, asked for employees to volunteer two hours of their time for this event. Of its 130 full-time employees, over 50% participated in the event.

"I am thrilled with the level of participation we received for the event," said GOLDEN CEO, Mark Golden. "We saw this as another way to support our local community. In the last 25 years, we have proven that business can do good things, and have committed to a legacy that doing good things creates a good and sustainable company."

One of the benefits of being an employee at GOLDEN is that all full-time employees get 40 hours per year of paid Community Service time. This event is one way that staff can use that time. If employees serve as a volunteer for a fire association, police force or emergency squad, they receive up to 80 hours per year of Community Service time.

Employees will be working in pairs for the cleanup and the goal at the end of the day is to clean up all 48 miles of roads in Columbus. "We were pleased to hear of GOLDEN employees' efforts to help clean up the roads in Columbus," said Columbus Town Supervisor, Fran Aldrich. "We appreciate the company's support and are hopeful that they meet their goal."

GOLDEN Employees Support Local Community with Earth Day Cleanup