GOLDEN Employee Owners Clean Up Community for Earth Day

May 21, 2019

In what seemed like an endless number of days filled with rain this spring, the sun finally came out to make the Golden Artist Colors Earth Day event a little bit brighter, warmer and drier!

For a number of years, Golden Artist Colors' employees have participated in Earth Day cleanup efforts. This year employees celebrated Earth Day 2019 by helping to clean up 30 roads in Columbus and its property perimeter and a portion of the ballfield near its warehouse facility in Norwich. Close to 80 volunteers participated and were able to remove a large volume of garbage and debris from our community.

This is the sixth year that Bert Adams Disposal has supported the cleanup with a donation of a 20 yard roll-off container. It will transport the debris to the landfill for disposal.

One of the benefits of being an employee at GOLDEN is that all full-time employees may use up to 40 hours of paid Community Service time per year. Earth Day Clean Up is just one way this time can be used. GOLDEN, a company committed to supporting its local community, asked for employees to volunteer some time for this event.

“It is absolutely wonderful that so many have extended their support to help us make a difference in this community that we live and work in,” shared CEO, Mark Golden.  “For so many reasons this event is a valuable demonstration of our commitment to this community that has supported us now for 39 years.  It is from real action of this sort and not just words that we can share our values of this organization -- To be Stewards in All We Care For. Together we have proven that business can do good things, and have committed to a legacy that doing good things creates a good and sustainable company.”

GOLDEN Employee Owners Clean Up Community for Earth Day