Golden Artist Colors Highlights Unique Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors During 'Artist Picks' Spring Promotion

April 03, 2017

GOLDEN is highlighting unique Williamsburg Oil colors during its “Artist Picks” Spring 2017 Promotion.  During the promotion, four unique colors (Courbet Green, Payne’s Grey Violet, Prussian Blue, and Raw Umber) will be available in a countertop display.  Each section of the display details attributes of one of these colors, through endorsement by a professional artist testimony, which also gives usage suggestions. 

When artists try Williamsburg, they adopt colors for life.  With over 170 professional quality colors to choose from, this is a great opportunity for artists who have not yet experienced Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, to learn about and experiment with some of the most unique fine art oil colors currently available in the marketplace. 

Getting the proper pigment is just the beginning. So much of the quality of oil paint is in the grinding.  Williamsburg Oils are made from the highest quality pigments, ground in pure, premium alkali-refined, pH-balanced linseed oil.  Each color is milled in small batches to enhance the beauty and luminosity specific to that particular pigment. Some colors feel slightly gritty; others extremely smooth. Producing small batches gives us total control over the product – hand measuring each material, while scrutinizing the paint being made.  Williamsburg Cerulean Blue will have a beautiful velvet, light-absorbing surface with an extremely strong covering power while Siennas will often be chunky or gritty to allow light to travel through the vehicle, exposing rich golden or mahogany undertones instead of just heavy, dull browns.

Retailers will begin displaying this promotion in their stores late March, so artists can expect to see countertop displays early April.  The promotion begins on April 3, 2017 and concludes on May 26, 2017. 

If artists have questions about the promotion, please contact your art supply retailer or call GOLDEN Customer Service at 800-959-6543 or 607-847-6154.  To learn more about Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, either call or email Williamsburg Materials & Application Specialists at Artists can also visit for additional product information.

Golden Artist Colors Highlights Unique Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors During 'Artist Picks' Spring Promotion