Golden Artist Colors Celebrates 'Paint Day'

June 21, 2010

Today Golden Artist Colors is celebrating Paint Day, an opportunity for all staff to paint and take workshops from the professional artists of the GOLDEN Working ArtistsSM Program. Employees are given the chance to be artists for the day, spending their time pushing around paint, experimenting with materials and being creative!

"It's an opportunity for folks to see the materials through the artist's eyes and experience the paint as users and not makers," said GOLDEN CEO, Mark Golden. "It's a day for collaboration, idea sharing and just fun!"

"The Working Artists are always excited to visit the factory and spend time with staff," said Artist and Working Artists Program Director, Patti Brady. "It's a joy to see their faces light up at the unexpected discovery that oftentimes happens when painting. Even more rewarding is observing the interaction between the Working Artists and GOLDEN staff. It is this one-on-one interaction in the class that has made the Program so strong in the last 13 years."

The Working Artists are professionals whose credentials range from Masters of Fine Arts to Masters in Education. The majority of artists maintain a rigorous studio practice while continuing to exhibit in national, international, group and solo shows.

Today these professionals will be teaching folks more used to making, testing, filling and shipping the paint. They are assisted by many of the artists that work at GOLDEN. "The challenge," describes Brady, "is to see that all of the staff can at least touch that spark that is the driving force for every artist and to understand why painting with GOLDEN products is such a passion for so many artists." Mark Golden shares, "It is an exciting day for everyone and a bit intimidating for those folks here who don't have much experience with painting... but it is always a delight to share and experience the materials we work with everyday."

To learn more about Golden Artist Colors or the GOLDEN Working Artists Program and the artists teaching the workshops, go to the GOLDEN Web site,

Golden Artist Colors Celebrates 'Paint Day'