For Artists Interested in Going Beyond the Ordinary GOLDEN Introduces Provocative Yellows

March 22, 2012

We certainly recognize the importance of Yellow Ochre on your palette; it has been a staple for years. But wouldn't it be fun to stretch a little and experience some colors that might just draw some attention and stir the spirit? It is with you in mind, that GOLDEN introduces a new 22 ml limited edition set of "Provocative Yellows," featuring three yellows from the Heavy Body line, each with unique qualities.

Available for the spring season, at an MSRP of $9.99, a price that will ease you into new color territory, this set of three extraordinary yellows is sure to pique your curiosity, especially if you're looking to differentiate yourself with something a little unexpected. Colors included in the set are:

  • Aureolin Hue - Also known as Cobalt Yellow, Aureolin replaced an earlier pigment called Gamboge, an Asian yellow gum used until the 19th century. Aureolin was often used by the early Flemish painters. A bright mixer without being too acidy, GOLDEN Aureolin Hue allows artists to add vibrant, earthy warmth without dulling.

  • Bismuth Vanadate Yellow - A bright, clean yellow, this inorganic pigment has the strength, opacity and lightfastness of a Cadmium, but without the UV/moisture sensitivities, making it an ideal yellow for outdoor use.

  • Nickel Azo Yellow - A transparent, rich, brownish yellow at full strength, this color has an enormous range. Add gloss gel or medium to create an amber glaze or add more medium to reach high-pitched yellow notes; an excellent glazing color. Tint the full strength color with white for a bright, sunshine yellow.

These professional artist acrylics are being offered for a limited time and will be available at your favorite art supply retailer starting early April. With a trial size of three different colors, you will have the opportunity to explore each one, discovering ways in which they can be incorporated into your palette, broadening your artwork. The set includes informational literature and will be supported by a series of pages on the GOLDEN Web site, highlighting not only the yellows included in this special set, but all the yellows in the GOLDEN line.

For videos and more information about the Provocative Yellows in this set, go to For information about related products in the GOLDEN Acrylic lineup, go to the Web site at

For Artists Interested in Going Beyond the Ordinary GOLDEN Introduces Provocative Yellows