For a Road Less Traveled or Painted this Winter GOLDEN Introduces Uncommon Blues

November 29, 2011

We know how precious your Cobalt Blue is.and how could you even start a painting without having some Ultramarine Blue on your palette? But isn.t it about time to step out of the longtime standards and experience some colors that might just make painting feel new again? It is with you in mind, that GOLDEN introduces a new 22 ml limited edition set of "Uncommon Blues," featuring three blues from the Heavy Body line, each with unique qualities.

Available for just this winter season only, at an MSRP of $9.99, a price that will ease you into new color territory, this set of three fantastic blues is sure to pique your curiosity, especially if you're looking for the fundamentals of blue, with a slight twist. Colors included in the set are:

  • Anthraquinone Blue - A very dark, reddish, semi-opaque blue with strong tinting strength, also known as Indanthrone Blue. Many find it a more versatile alternative to Ultramarine Blue and not as overpowering as a Phthalo Blue. The color of the night sky or dark shadows.

  • Smalt Hue - A transparent, historical color originally made from ground cobalt glass, it was often used in European paintings during the 16th and 17th centuries as a substitute for Ultramarine blue. The genuine pigment was prone to losing its color over time, but this modern formulation offers a deep blue that is familiar and classic.

  • Cerulean Blue Deep - Ceruleans are from the Cobalt family. Extremely lightfast, they were traditionally prized for their usefulness in painting skies and quickly became a permanent part of many landscape palettes. The Cerulean Blue Deep is deeper and greener than the brighter, more traditional shade.

These professional artist acrylics are being offered for a limited time and will be available at your favorite art supply retailer starting mid-December. With a trial size of three different products, you will have the opportunity to explore each one, discovering ways in which they can be incorporated into your palette, broadening your artwork. The set includes informational literature and will be supported by a series of pages on the GOLDEN Web site, highlighting not only the blues included in this special set, but all the blues in the GOLDEN line.

For more information about the Uncommon Blues in this set, go to starting mid-December. For information about related products in the GOLDEN Acrylic lineup, go to the Web site at You can expect to see the new set at your local art supply retailer mid-December through the end of January.

For a Road Less Traveled or Painted this Winter GOLDEN Introduces Uncommon Blues