Find the GOLDEN Acrylics You're Looking For at a Store Near You

October 14, 2011

Golden Artist Colors recently launched its new Store Finder section within the site to better support the needs of customers. Artists will now be able to instantly see the breadth of GOLDEN products carried by their local retail location.

The content of the 'Store Finder' section of the site has been expanded, allowing retailers to give customers more detailed information about products they have available in their store, hours of operation and web address. Customers can search for materials they need based on two sorts; either the store closest to them or the store with the most significant range of GOLDEN product lines they have selected.

"The company's decision to enhance the Store Finder tool demonstrates our commitment to the artist community and the critical connection to this community of their local arts supply store," said GOLDEN Sales Director, Bill Hartman. "We are confident that over time, this new tool will provide customers with greater ease in shopping while supporting local art materials retailers."

In addition to giving customers access to a range of art materials, art supply retailers form a critical network, supplying the art community with a wide range of resources from running artists' events and workshops to supplying community bulletin boards for artists to share important information. Furthermore, retailers have staff with an incredible knowledge base about the proper use of these materials, making it even more vital to get customers in their stores.

As a result of this new tool, GOLDEN will no longer be supporting its online shopping capability, FirePoppy® (sometimes referred to as Shopatron).

To use the Store Finder, simply go to, click on "Store Finder" in the left-hand navigation bar and then define the criteria by which you want to search for materials. For further information about the use of this tool, contact GOLDEN Customer Service at 1-800-959-6543.