Congressman Sherwood Boehlert Visits GOLDEN on Tour to Local Businesses

August 03, 2004

Last Friday, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. welcomed Congressman Sherwood Boehlert (R-New Hartford) and President & CEO of the Chenango County Chamber of Commerce, Tammy Carnrike, to its facility for a tour. Boehlert visits businesses in Chenango County several times a year in order to keep informed regarding how they are contributing to the economic growth in the County and also to discuss how he can help business owners continue to prosper.

Their visit in part, recognized the progress made on the current 40,000 square foot facility expansion project. The new layout of Golden Artist Colors, Inc. will include the implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts such as work cells and visual planning tools, improving through-put and response times to customer requirements.

The tour, which was led by Mark Golden, CEO, and Barbara J. Schindler, President, also included Ben Gavett, Director of Environmental, Health & Safety and Facilities, and Don Lynch, Operations Manager. Time spent with Boehlert and Carnrike highlighted the company's growth over the past 23 years and focused on possible increased employment opportunities in the next few years, the company's increase in manufacturing efficiency and capacity and also its concerted effort to keep employees in a safe, socially responsible setting.

"We were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to Congressman Boehlert about our recent building expansion," said Schindler. "This is a milestone for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. -- one that reflects the growth in our infrastructure and our continuing reflection on how to be respectful and economical in our use of space and resources." "Expansion of our facility and staff represents the company's great success over the years," said Golden. "We were honored that Congressman Boehlert chose to visit us during his stay in Chenango County."