Attn: Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) Users

September 15, 2006

GOLDEN Announces a Recall on Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss)

As part of the rigorous GOLDEN quality control system, a scheduled lab check of a retained sample of Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) revealed a degradation of material that is not appropriate for this product. As a result, Golden Artist Colors, Inc. is recalling specific batches of GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss).

Product that is affected may appear slightly discolored in the wet state and will have a light brown cast in the dry state. If mixed with over 50% color, discoloration may not be noticeable. While the product is still viable, the slight discoloration does not live up to the standards set by Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Products being recalled, all sizes:

Item Number 3080 - GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss)

If you have recently purchased any GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss), please inspect the container to determine if the product is identified with any of the batch codes listed below. Batch codes are located on the bottom of the product, or below the bar code on the label. Only product with the following batch codes is being recalled:

Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss): 314934 and 314935

Only the Gloss sheen of Extra Heavy Gel is affected by this recall.

If you discover that you have GOLDEN Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) with one of the above batch codes, please contact a GOLDEN Customer Service Representative at 1-800-959-6543 or by email at [email protected] for more information.