Absorbent Ground - Now Ready to Use

February 19, 2007

Sometimes what seems at first like bad news leads to something better than before. That's been the case with Absorbent Ground (White). Early last fall we learned that one of the raw materials used in this product was promptly being discontinued by the manufacturer. This change brought both the challenge and the opportunity to reformulate this product with new materials. After numerous trials, tweaks and samplings to artists, the Lab has not only succeeded in re-formulating the product, but they've made it even better.

The new formulation of Absorbent Ground (White) maintains all the absorbency, flexibility and other properties of the original product, but is now packaged so that it is ready to use by the artist, right out of the jar! While diluting the product for increased leveling is still an option, it's no longer a requirement; artists can just jump right in and start working. This change offers artists added convenience and efficiencies.

The new formulation is starting to roll out now and should be available from your favorite art material supply store within the next few weeks.

As we move forward with this exciting re-formulation of Absorbent Ground (White), we have made the decision to not carry this re-formulation over to Absorbent Ground (Canvas). From the beginning, Absorbent Ground (Canvas) has caused a certain level of confusion in the marketplace, since many people thought the "Canvas" designation indicated that the product was specifically designed for canvas substrates. While it certainly can be used on canvas, the "Canvas" designation referred to the color of the product, not to a specific substrate.

To assist artists who would still like to achieve a tinted version of the Absorbent Ground, the Lab has developed formulas for mixing color into Absorbent Ground (White):

For a canvas colored tint mix:
     100 parts Absorbent Ground (White)
     0.3 parts Burnt Umber or Burnt Umber Light (HB or Fluid)
     0.15 parts Yellow Oxide (HB or Fluid)

For linen colored tint mix:
     100 parts Absorbent Ground (White)
     1.3 parts Bone Black (HB or Fluid)
     1.4 parts Burnt Umber or Burnt Umber Light (HB or Fluid)
     0.8 parts Yellow Oxide (HB or Fluid)

Alternately, a pre-mixed Absorbent Ground (Canvas) is available for ordering through the Custom Lab for a custom mixing fee. For more information on this option, or for any other questions about Absorbent Ground, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-959-6543.

Absorbent Ground - Now Ready to Use