4 oz. / 5 oz. Tube Color Expansion

April 01, 2013

Golden Artist Colors adds 67 colors to its popular 5 oz. tube size. Now Iridescent colors, blends that fill the color spaces and favorite colors such as Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold will be available in larger tubes. In fact, all GOLDEN Acrylic colors are now available in a 5 oz. tube!

In conjunction with the expanded range of Heavy Body colors in 5 oz. tubes, effective September 30, 2013, GOLDEN will continue to make available 4 oz. Heavy Body colors in the top selling 40 colors. Additional details include:

  • Colors remaining in the 4 oz. size include the popular mica flakes, primary colors, core earth and missing colors and some Iridescent colors.

  • A total of 94 colors will be discontinued in the 4 oz. size.

  • This change does not impact OPEN Acrylics, Matte Heavy Body Acrylics or Fluorescent Acrylics.

For details on the 40 Heavy Body colors that will remain in 4 oz., as well as all the new Heavy Body 5 oz. colors, contact GOLDEN Customer Service at 800-959-6543 or 607-847-1654.

4 oz. / 5 oz. Tube Color Expansion