Working Artist Program Manual Working Artist Program Manual

Version 1.0


The Working Artist Program section is your online resource for adding events, sending images, ordering supplies and accessing printable forms. You are able to login to our website anytime of the day or night to access information. You will also be able to add event information directly to the website without any delay. This also means that you have the ability to edit and remove any content that you do not want.

This document will try to explain how to use the main parts of the Working Artist Program section and also discuss the changes from the old section. If you have any problems using the new system, please contact Pat or Patti.

Logging In

To login to the WAP section, go to and click on "Artists" in the top toolbar. Next, click on "Working Artist Program" and finally click on the link "Click Here to Send Event Updates Online" You can also access this login page directly by going to

You should have your username and password from Pat or Patti. Enter this information into the Username and Password fields, and then click Submit. If you are having difficulty logging in, make sure that you are typing your password correctly (passwords are case sensitive). If you are still having problems, contact Pat or Patti for assistance.

Main Menu

Once you have successfully logged in to the WAP section, you will be taken to the Main Menu. The Main Menu contains 5 sections:

  • My Account - Here you can view your Working Artist Page and also edit or update your profile. You can update your Name, Email Address, Website, Region or Bio.
  • My Events - This is the most important section, which contains the Manage Events/Order Supplies heading. Here you can add, edit, delete or update events and also order supplies for those events. You must have at least one event added in order to order supplies.
    To Add an Event, click on the "Add Event" link in this section. Once you have added an Event, it will be listed on this page. You will then have the ability to Edit or Delete this event, as well as order the required supplies for it.
  • Online Forms - In this section you can email images or send general messages to Pat or Patti. There is also a quick-link to Add a Workshop/LD Event.
  • Help - This section will contain information regarding how to add events or use the system. This document will be located there.
  • Printable Forms - Here you will find forms in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format that you can download, view and print. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed. This section will continue to grow.

The first link under the "My Account" section is My Page. If you click on this you will get a preview of what your page looks like. This will allow you to see your page without leaving the WAP Section.

The second link is My Profile. Here you can update your personal information as well as your bio. When entering website information, do not include the http:// part of your website address. This gets added automatically.

Under the "My Events" section is a link to Manage Events/Order Supplies. Clicking on here will take you to a list of your current events (if any). If you do not have any events, there will be a link with your name (preview your page) and also a link to Add Event.

Adding Events

To add a new event, click the Add Event link. The Add Event page is very similar to the old page, but has a few changes:

  • Start Date - This field has been added for the purpose of sorting your events. In the page we only had the Date field, which would allow text to be typed. Some would type the date as 1/1/05, and others would use Saturday, January 1, 2005. In order to correctly sort all events by date, this field had to be added. Select the Starting Date from the 3 fields (month, date, year) from the pull-down menus, or select TBA if you do not know the Start Date. If you select TBA, this event will be listed at the bottom of your page. The original Date field is still listed, and functions the same as before.
  • Post to Web Site - This field allows you to add an event without actually posting it for viewing. This can be helpful in the case of keeping track of events that are for private attendance only. This will also allow you to order supplies for those events.

Once at least one event has been added, you will see three buttons next to each event listed. They are:

  • Supplies - Click on the Supplies button next to an event to order supplies for that event. You have the ability to send New as well as Updated orders for the same event.
  • Edit - The Edit button will allow you to Edit an event in the case of a date, or verbiage change. This should be filled out in the same manner as the Add Event section.
  • Delete - Clicking on the Delete button next to an event will allow you to permanently remove that event. You will receive one confirmation box, and then the event will be removed. This process is not reversible, however, a copy of the event information will be sent to Pat and Patti just in case.
Online Forms

The online form section is also very similar to before. The first link, Click here to Add a Lecture/Demo Event, is the same as the Add Event section, its just a shortcut. The next two links are new - they are:

  • Send Images - Use this section to send images of artwork to post to the website, or to use for newsletters. This allows us to keep track of the Title and Size information, as well as any notes about the artwork. You can send any format of image, but there is a size restriction of 2000 kilobytes for each picture.
  • Send a Message to Pat or Patti - Here you can send a quick email to either Pat or Patti, or both. Do not use this for changes to Events or Supplies, but for general notes. If you have changes to Events or Supplies, they are to be handled by the Edit Event and Supplies (update) sections respectively.

The Help section will contain documents helpful to using the online WAP system. The only new addition to this section is this manual. Any future help documents will be there.

Printable Forms

The last section of the Main Menu is the Printable Forms. The only new addition to this section is the Pricelist for 2005. All documents in this section require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed. This is a free, industry-standard format for viewing important documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from their website:


At anytime during your session on the WAP section, you can Go Back to the previous page, go to the Main Menu, or Logout of the system using the small navigation bar located at the bottom of every page.

You Control Your Information!

Because this is an automated, online system, you must be sure that all information is spelled correctly and makes sense to people viewing it. If something is typing incorrectly, it will be displayed incorrectly on your page. If you find errors on your events, use the Edit event feature under Manage Events/Order Supplies.

Over time, events will need to be removed. Traditionally we have left events listed for up to one month before removing them from the website. This decision is totally up to you, but make sure that you use the Delete event feature under Manage Events/Order Supplies to keep your page tidy.


If you encounter problems using the WAP system, such as error messages or inability to use some of the functionality, please contact Pat or Patti. If they are unable to fix the problem, they will contact the Webmaster to help.

If you are having an issue with the system, and you need to get something posted to the website quickly, Pat and Patti will be able to help you.