Williamsburg Artist Oils
Oil Colors

Williamsburg’s Safflower Colors

Safflower allows certain colors to hold onto a luminosity that would otherwise be lost. Learn more about it and the safflower colors we offer.

What is dark yellowing?

Dark yellowing is the reversible, temporary yellowing of dried oil paint after storage in dark or subdued lighting.

The Value of Painting with Neutral Grays

Grays can be used to desaturate colors and can also be used to create a grisaille as an underpainting.

Solving the Solvents (solvent-free oil painting)

Oil paint is the most natural and safe material used for painting but, through misconception, considered dangerous.

Pigment Concentration and its Role in Color

Explore the surprising answer to the question of why pigment change color when used in different systems.

A Palette of Textures

How pigments impact paint, and in particular, how they define a range of textures within the Williamsburg line.

Beauty and the Best: Wrestling with Changes in Williamsburg

Oiling Out and the Cause of Dead Spots in Oil Paintings