Packing Paintings

Special care and precautions made for safe transportation of paintings through common couriers

Packing [small] Paintings For Shipping

The best way to protect your painting during shipment is to prevent anything from having direct contact with painting surface. This is a demonstration of a simple method for protecting smaller paintings, using common materials: cardboard, tape, plastic sheeting, and hook and loop strips.

How to Pack and Ship Unframed Paintings

A simple and cost effective way to packaging paintings for shipping, using corner and edge protection.

Rolling Acrylic Paintings for Shipping and Storage

Rolling acrylic paintings for storage and shipping is a fairly common practice...

Safe Handling and Transportation of Acrylic Paintings

Tips on How to Safely Handle and Transport Acrylic Paintings

Backing Boards for Canvas Paintings

Backing boards are simple and wonderfully effective at protecting the condition of paintings.