Areas of a painting support to which a removable covering is applied before painting to create hard edge effects

QoR Masking Fluid

New for 2018, QoR offers a latex-based masking fluid to complement their range of colors and mediums. Masking fluid is ideal for hard-edges and highlights with watercolor compositions.

Tips for Acrylic Spraying and Airbrush

Mike from GOLDEN Product Support guides you through the ins and outs of preparing acrylic paint for spraying. While thinning is usually necessary, the solution may not be as simple as just adding water. Explore the options for getting the results you want when using acrylics in an airbrush or other spraying tool.

SoFlat Colors: Markers, Spraying, and Masking

Mike from our product support team will demonstrate steps for applying SoFlat colors with markers, airbrush, atomizers and other spraying devices, as well as tips for achieving crisp hard edges with masks. See our video demonstration of creating a smooth surface on canvas.

Creating Clean Crisp Defined Edges with [Acrylic] Paints

Paint crisp and clean edges on smooth, rough, or very textured surfaces by selecting the right tools, paints, mediums, and techniques. In this video we demonstrate three techniques for painting hard edges with acrylics.

Using QoR Masking Fluid with Watercolor

Masking Fluid resists watercolor paints, allowing artists to preserve fine details and lines of paper that might be otherwise difficult to paint around.